we love to hear what you have to say

Beloved CSA members…


We want to hear from you!  

Remember, we are just beginners. Although we have been a farm for nearly 20 years, we are only in our second CSA season, and we are still learning. It was only last winter that we dipped our proverbial toes into the CSA water with our pilot 35-member program. We received overwhelming positive feedback from this courageous inaugural group, and so, we decided to do it again…

…with you: our cherished 80 members that are the reason we wake up every morning. Here we find ourselves in the second season, this time, full of summer’s bounty, and we have to stop and ask all of you, how the heck are we doing? Whatever we can do to make it better, please let us know. We are doers. We act on your suggestions as best as we can, as our winter CSA members can attest. We are committed to making you 100% happy in this CSA experience, and we welcome any feedback you may have – positive or negative. So, don’t hold back!

Click below to answer the 8-question survey. It will only take a few  minutes and will help us forever! And we hope it well help you, too!


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