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Peace, Love, and Really Good Sweet Corn

Everyone thinks they are special. But we folks at Eckerton Hill Farm really think we’ve got it going on. Tim’s no-spray sweet corn is a rare find in this valley, and it was all worth the grind. No pesticides or fertilizers were used in the making of this food; the sweet kernels were born from peat and reared in soil nourished with mushroom compost. Pests were kept at bay by carnivorous insects and transistor radios. And each ear was lovingly hand-picked by a human.

Enjoy it raw, roasted, steamed or grilled. Read on to learn more about the beginnings of Tim’s sweet corn here


1 thought on “Peace, Love, and Really Good Sweet Corn

  1. I have to say that it has been a joy reading the emails about your farm. I also enjoyed your book. You see I grew up on a farm in Brockton, MA. I can relate to all your woes and joys. What it is like to work the earth, battle the bugs and weather then to bring in the harvest. The long, long days of work, every day! But you know what, I’d do it all again! Thank you for letting me relive my former life and much good luck to you in yours. Linda

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