Spicy Chicken Hash with Tuscan Kale

By Chef Mario

What does one do when one finds oneself in a kitchen full of dishes, leftovers, and a bunch of wilted kale that was left out from the night before? Make breakfast of course. Hopefully you’re able to find all or some of the items listed below. If an ingredient is unavailable omit or substitute. This recipe is about using what you got.

black coffee
chicken rillete (if you don’t have any lying around, duck confit will do just fine)
butterball potatoes, 1/2 inch dice
yellow onion, sliced
garlic, sliced
1 dried Trinidad scorpion pepper, crushed
Tuscan kale, day old, wilted, julienned
eggs, scrambled
fresh ricotta, crumbled
duck fat
sweet rolls
mushroom gravy

-Boil water. Grind coffee, and place in a French press. Add boiling water, set aside.
-Start doing dishes. Procrastinate, pour coffee and drink. Rummage through fridge and forage your counter top for possible things to eat.
-In a cast iron skillet, fry and break up your rillete, medium-high heat, stirring constantly. When crispy, stir and set aside.
-You should have a decent amount of fat left, but if you need to, add a little more duck or chicken fat. Fry your potatoes until golden brown.
-Add your garlic and onion, cook until aromatic, careful not to burn.
-Crush pepper, add to hash, stir, and step back. Fumes are spicy.
-Add your kale, wilt (some more…).
-When kale is tender, add scramble eggs, stirring occasionally on low heat. When  semi-cooked, add crumbled ricotta. Stir a couple more times, and serve with mushroom gravy and sweet rolls.

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