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Too many Santas

There are herds out there that need to be thinned, we are reminded by the pap pap pap of gunfire that becomes most vehement round about sunset.   This time of year, the only creature more abundant than the deer in the valley would have to be Santa.


 And apparently a fair number of hunters, frustrated by the absence of Bambi, have taken to bagging a couple of the jolly red men.  Look at the fallen one in this picture:


I agree we are overwhelmed with Santas but what is shameful is the way hunters will leave the affable fella right where he fell:


Aha! you say.  So this is how a tomato farmer amuses himself in winter! 

None of my business what the hunters are shooting at these days.  We’re in the vegetable business, trying our best to pretend it’s still summer out there.  The pigs are doing a pretty good job of it, gorging on the very last of the spotty tomatoes:


And here is Jessi, knocking snow off the roof of the greenhouse while Chris harvests Pak Choi for this week’s share.     


We have overstocked some of the share items to make up for blemishes wrought by the Arctic conditions.  And even though work on the bake oven has been temporarily postponed, Chris is out there doing his thing this morning:


Zounds!  Winter has not even arrived yet!  This roller coaster ride is supposed to bring us a balmy weekend so hopefully we’ll have a roof on the oven by my next post. 

All right, so maybe I’ve extrapolated a bit maliciously on the theme of Christmas kitsch.  I’ve been naughty, as Santa would say. 

If we can put a man on the moon, I’ve always said, surely we can place a cold tolerant inflatable Santa in our front yards!   

Now there’s a locavore’s mantra!  And here’s another:  Got any recipes for poached Santa? 








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