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An update from the farmer…

photo-47 So we’ve made it to week six and the brassicas are having their heyday.  Note the sassy collards and the full heads of broccoli in your bags.  Cabbage will be coming your way next week so blow some dust off that cabbage shredder if you are sauerkraut minded.

The muddy conditions dished up by the elements have somehow managed to make the team merrier in the field. photo-48  If you can’t beat the weather, join it.

We’re blessed with a fair weather team here.  Which brings me to another point.  A lot of people asked me whether it was true that we actually slept out with the tomatoes through those cool nights in May as I asserted in a previous blog.  The answer is no.  Tomatoes subjected to prolonged periods of human snoring are susceptible to blossom end rot.  OK, ok.  So now I’ve covered one lie with another lie.   A lot of BS gets slung around here on the farm as you might have guessed.  What do you think that spreader is for?   photo-49  Your carrots and beets will be sweeter for the compost added to the soil in which they grew.  And so will your lettuce.   A little BS goes a long way.

Feel free to stop and say hello to the goats, heifers, laying hens and little piggies when you pick up your vegetables at the farm.  And check your calendar to see if you can make it to the farm barbeque on June 30, when the first bread of the season will be coming out of the mouth of our just completed bake oven.   photo-50

Happy eating!


2 thoughts on “An update from the farmer…

  1. We are very much looking forward to the brassica boom! I found a great recipe for rainbow chard at Check out I substituted goat cheese crumbles for the feta. Happy to report that both my picky teenager and my husband had three servings!

  2. Oven looking good!

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