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weather, or not

Ok, so we’ve made it to week two, and once again I’m going to talk about the weather. I guess it must seem like us farmers have nothing better to do.

We are most grateful for the industry of those tomato hornworms who came out of hibernation early to spin protective cocoons around the 20,000 or so tomatoes we had planted outside before Monday night’s frost.


We’ve got them trained well. Thanks, too, to all of the members of the team who slept out in those cocoons so that their body warmth could function as a sort of radiator to those tender young seedlings. After two cold nights with the tomatoes, we are all walking around with a pretty nasty case of the aphids, but that’s the farmer’s life.

Things are back to normal again. Normal temperatures, normal weeds dwarfing the carrots and the beets, normal flea beetles riddling the bok choy with holes. Out in the pasture, Squirt and Delilah took a moment to pose for the camera on their way to the bovine prom.


Yes, it’s that season all right. Hopefully, Squirt will put us on the road to plentiful butter in ways that the artificial inseminators couldn’t. But I don’t know, Delilah is being a bit of a priss. We may need to bring a master “heevah havah” on board to get the job done. You’ll have to consult your Pa. Dutch dictionary for a sound definition of the the term “heevah havah”. For now, enjoy the fresh veggies and the accommodating sun.

– Tim

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  1. Week two, and another fabulous adventure into trying new recipes. I am absolutely amazed at the intensity of the flavors. I guess that is because the produce is so fresh! Thank you for this opportunity in eating healthy and learning all about new things to try!

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