Chef Panza’s Pizzas

These pizza ideas are crafted by member Tom Hughes (a.k.a. Chef Panza) using the Winter CSA’s weekly harvests.

The pizzas are best baked with his signature pizza paddles. To read more, visit

radish pizza

Hakurai Turnip & French Breakfast Radish Pizza

Parboil Hakurai Turnip halves, drain. Sautee with crushed garlic in olive oil smashing lightly with fork.  Spread on favorite base and top with French Breakfast Radish slices, sea salt and a few flakes of Mario’s Smoked Cherry Bomb Peppers.

Sweet Potato Pepper Pizza

Cut Hernandez sweet potato into 3/8 inch cubes and parboil. Top with smoked Cherry Bomb pepper, broken up, and chopped Jalepeno pepper. Arrange toppings on your favorite base, drizzle olive oil and sea salt on top.

Sunchoke, Brussels Sprout & Radish Pizza

Arrange shavings of sunchokes, brussels sprouts and radishes on your favorite base, top with olive oil and sea salt.

Musque de Provence, Leek & Jarlsburg Pizza

Spread baked squash on a sweet spicy base. Top with sliced leeks and grated Jarlsberg Cheese

squash pizza

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